What’s Going on With Affair Websites?

There was a time when the media was obsessed with affair websites. It seems of late, things have been rather quiet. You’re not hearing about any dating sites at all lately, let alone the salacious affair websites. Are these sites dead or are they quietly growing. Here is our affair websites reviews.

As you can imagine, this space was always an underground world. Men and women truly looking for affairs aren’t out there shouting from the rooftops. Instead, I see a new trend occur. In a world of Bitcoin, you are seeing men and women being more discreet with their identity. Fake email addresses, disposable numbers, hiding your IP, used prepaid credit cards, the list goes on and on. I think what this summer’s massive dating hacks have taught us is nothing is secure out there.

So how to you move forward with affair websites? Simply put, you have to think with the right head. Think about the worst case scenario first of being caught. Now, come up with a plan that minimizes the chance of that happening. Don’t rely on some site to do this for you. Have you’re own master plan and private setup. This will ultimately allow you to sleep at night.

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