How are the Best Affair Sites Post Hack?

When a famous affair site got hacked in 2015, men started getting really worried. So, how are affair sites faring now?

When news broke about the top affair site Ashley Madison being hacked, it made international headlines for 2 months. Between celebrities, extortion, politicians, the downward effects are still out there. The question remains, how have the best affair sites fared now that the news as past. Here is what we’ve uncovered.

#1 Females signups are very high.
While this might initially be counter intuitive, it actually was the one huge bonus of the hack. While most married men on the site were beyond nervous, women saw a glimpse of a service they never heard of.  In a way, the Ashley Madison hack gave validity to the nightmare for women. Think about it, you know for a fact (while kinda fact) that there were millions of famous, rich, married, and or successful men on what many called the best affair site.

#2 Like everything, we all have a short term memory.
While this was great for the summer news cycle, everything has kinda died down. You are starting to see affair sites beyond Ashley Madison starting to ramp of advertising.

#3 Affairs will never die.
The best affair sites know that infidelity and the need for discretion in relationships will never end. If anything, it has taught men and women to be more careful with the messaging. What will come of this mess is the ability to discreet relationships to prosper in a way never seen before.

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