Married Men Say, “Bye Bye Escorts, Hello Cheating Website”

For the longest time, men who wanted to have a relationship on the side have sought out the companionship of escorts. Escorts have always been extremely easy to find. A man pays their price, and it is a done deal. Of course there are several negatives to spending time with an escort, and those reasons explain why the married man is now saying “Bye bye escorts, hello cheating website”.

Why the Married Man is Saying Bye Bye Escorts and Hello Cheating Websites

Hello Affair Websites

Hello Affair Websites

Reason #1 – Escorts are all about the money.

When a man buys time with an escort, he is paying strictly for her companionship and nothing else. He should not expect, nor will he receive, any real show of interest. Any sign of interest or affection shown by the escort is made simply in hopes of receiving financial rewards. Escorts do not care about the men who hire them. They simply want to be paid, and the entire time they are out with their clients, they are checking their watches in anticipation of their next sucker.


Reason #2 – The majority of escorts are criminals.

Because escorts are all about making money, there are very few lines they will not cross to get paid. They will deceive, steal, and even sell drugs and themselves to make an extra dollar. A man who hires an escort has to be very cautious because escorts are notorious pickpockets.They can grab wallets as easily as Criss Angel creates his illusions. Of course, the man’s illusion is the escort is really into him. The reality is that she is just into stealing his cash and as much personal information about him as possible.


Reason #3 – Escorts don’t guarantee satisfaction.

With an escort, men are guaranteed absolutely nothing. If a man prepays with his credit card and his date does not show up, it sucks to be him, but that is the world of escorts. Always have no expectations when dealing with them, and you can never be disappointed. Affair websites, on the other hand, are risk-free because men do not have to deal with escorts at all. With these types of cheating sites, there is no money involved. The situation revolves around two people who are seeking romantic encounters without strings.

Ashley Madison is one of those cheating websites that married men are turning to after slamming the door on escorts. In fact, Ashley Madison is the leading producer of affairs for married men and women. If you are a married man who is tired of dealing with scheming, manipulative escorts, your suffering days are over. Ashley Madison has million of women waiting to meet a man just like you. Life is too short to not have an affair.

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