Are Women REALLY on Affair Websites?

Where da girls at?

Where da girls at?

You ask any regular Joe about affair websites, and the first response you hear is ” Man, there’s no girls on those sites”. Well, in actuality, about 90% of sites that consider themselves cheating sites have no women on them. Think about it, for a woman to join an affair site, there has be trust in this distrust. Makes sense?

Now that we’re in agreement, there are TONS of women looking for discreet relationships in the 10% of cheating sites left. The biggest one in the space is Ashley Madison. The site has over 9.6 million members, and is constantly in the media. Throw in a celebrity affair, and the site just goes nuts with press. So if discreet dating is your thing, affairs or just want something on the down low, take a look at Ashley Madison.

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