Affair Websites are Constantly in the Media

Day by day, extramarital affairs are growing in number. It is estimated that sixty percent of men and forty percent of women actually engage in affairs outside of their marriages at one point and time. While news like the Schwarzenegger adultery scandal has painted a dark pictures of affairs, affairs are not bad arrangements. They are a part of life for most people and are extremely common. Because extramarital affairs are becoming so prevalent in today’s society, affair websites are constantly in the media.

Affair Website are on the Rise

Affair Website are on the Rise

The big question of course is what makes these websites so popular that they are being seen on the biggest news channels like CNN. Again, it is the rise in the number of extramarital affairs that is sending interest in affair websites skyrocketing. This leads to perhaps the most important question, “Why Do People Have Affairs?”.

Because of the pressures that accompany being married, many husbands and wives forget to do all the little things that made premarital sex so much fun. Sex, when it occurs, is now typically quick and boring. There is no emotional attachment involved because while the spouses may have their bodies in bed, their minds are usually elsewhere like on the children’s’ tennis lessons or on an event that happened earlier in the workplace.

What was once making love has suddenly become a functional activity that must be penciled in as though it was an oil change; an event that offers no personal pleasure but simply has to be done to keep things moving. The passionate kisses that led to rumpled clothes on the floor no longer happen; instead they are replaced by perfunctory pecks which are given without thought or meaning.

Discreet Partners Are High in Supply

Discreet Partners Are High in Supply

Those are some of the reasons why men and women explore affair websites. While they do not want to end their marriages, they miss the passion and spontaneity of a new relationship. Affair websites are the perfect places for lonely men and women to find no strings attached relationships.

The function of the media has always been to give people relevant news; news that can inform, assist, and change lives. Affair websites do change life for the better for many people, and this explains why they are constantly in the media.

One affair website which has taken the media by storm is This site which has been featured on CNN, Dr. Phil, Tyra, Good Morning America, Larry King, The View, and in Time Magazine caters to those who are involved in relationships but are seeking an additional source of satisfaction in their lives. is about more than sex; it is about finding a unique, discreet relationship that works. After all, life is short; you should have an affair.

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